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New Lottery Application

New lottery applicant is anyone not currently on any of the Pembroke Pines Charter Schools (PPCS) wait lists.
Resubmit Lottery Application - Applicants that are/were on last year’s waiting list just need to resubmit their lottery application. Resubmission is required to confirm your continuing interest in the PPCS System, keep your seniority, and to update contact information. If you do not resubmit you will be dropped out of the lottery completely.
Re-enrollment Application - Current students are required to state their intention of returning or not and update their contact information. A re-enrollment application is required regardless of a reassignment request.

Reassignment Application

Current students wanting to attend a different school other than the assigned school for the following school year. A reason for reassignment must be provided and there is no guarantee that an application for reassignment will be granted. All students will remain in their originally assigned school until a seat is offered via email. A re-enrollment application is required regardless of a reassignment request.

Enrollment Application

A parent must sign into their lottery application account to accept or decline an offered seat. Upon accepting a seat, the applicant will automatically be started in the enrollment process. The online enrollment process must be completed within 2 business days otherwise your seat can be forfeited.

Wait List

This is a list of lottery applicants currently waiting to enter the PPCS system. These applicants will be offered a seat via email when one becomes available. Wait list applicants may resubmit each year to stay in the lottery pool and maintain their seniority.

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